Fixture Styles

There are tens of thousands of bathroom light fixture styles to choose from which mainly fit into five main genres (which are detailed below).

BathbarBathbar light fixtures are those long stripes generally with 3 or more lights often found above the sink mirror. These fixtures can be great for lighting up all angles of a person’s face while eliminating shadows. Bathbars generally use incandescent bulbs which are relatively cheap to replace.

Contemporary LightContemporary / Modern
Contemporary and modern styles are hard to define except for the fact that (1) they usually look sleek, clean cut, or something like you’d see in a new film and (2) they usually are classified as a contemporary design on the label. These lights also use incandescent bulbs and provide not only direct lighting, but ambient light against a wall or ceiling.

Iron, Rustic, Lodge
Iron Light FixturesIron, Rustic, Lodge style fixtures are exactly what they sound like: made of iron and often resemble a gothic style. Lamps which fit this category often look like the iron has been cast by hand, they have sharp pointed ends, or look like something you’d see in Dracula’s castle. There are more modern-looking designs which fit the iron category as well which are great to achieve a lodge style look and feel. These lamps often use incandescent bulbs as a halogen bulb might cause the metal to significantly heat up creating a fire hazard.

Traditional Light FixturesTraditional light fixtures are what you would generally see in most homes. These don’t generally stand out in any way other than being basic lamps. This is not to say all traditional lamps have a basic design as many display intricacies regarding lamp posts, lamp shapes and overall design. As with most bathroom light fixtures, traditional lamps often require incandescent bulbs.

transitional-light-fixturesTransitional lamp designs are best described as a myriad of several styles wrapped up into one fixture. The example to the right is a combination of traditional (lamp shade style) and iron, rustic, lodge (the framework). The easiest way to distinguish a transitional style lamp as opposed to the other styles is…well…pretty much either ask a sales assistant, or read the labels yourself.